Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist of Israel, visits East Coast

I joined Dr. Ami Appelbaum, the Chief Scientist of the Israeli ME&I, and Israel Innovation Authority‘s Chairman, for a round-table about hashtag#International hashtag#Partnerships on hashtag#Innovation hosted by Tim Sullivan, CEO,
New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). 25 of NJ’s industry leaders discussed how to leverage the existing hashtag#economic and hashtag#technological relations between the States of hashtag#NewJersey and hashtag#Israel and regarding the MOU that was signed between the two agencies during the visit of hashtag#Governor Murphy in Israel. The meeting provided an opportunity for Dr. Appelbaum to introduce the Israeli hashtag#startup and hashtag#technology hashtag#ecosystem to many of the major corporations and universities that are investing in the region, and it gave NJEDA a chance to lay down their roadmap of the types of programs that could encourage tech collaboration and investment in the State. Most importantly, the companies had a chance to sound-off to both the IIA and NJEDA regarding questions, concerns and suggestions for future initiatives. Many thanks to our NJ partners, mentioned above and to Choose New Jersey, Inc. Bio NJ, all of the universities and corporations in attendance, as well as the people and businesses of NJ who have said yes to partnering with IL. Thanks Wesley Mathews Israel Shamay Les Abelson