Water technology

Massachusetts thirsty for Israeli water technology

Last week, representatives and executives from the private sector and government of Massachusetts visiied Israel, as part of a water technology delegation from the New England state.  Israel is considered by many to be global
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U.S. Water Industry Heads Network with Start-ups in Tel Aviv

“Israel has some of the largest and most innovative water projects in the world,” said Peter Tunnicliffe, Executive VP Global Market Development at CDM Smith. Tunnicliffe spoke as part of a
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Global Cleantech 100 Index: Israel “the stand-out country”

The prestigious research firm Cleantech Group has just published its fourth annual Global Cleantech 100 list, which lists the upcoming private companies to watch in the global cleantech arena. Israel, which
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Israel to help restore Lake Victoria

During visit to Kenya, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon signs cooperation agreement aimed at purifying waters of east African lake, improving lives of some 5 million people Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon,
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Richard Branson Brings Israeli Water Filtering Technology to UK

Richard Branson and Ofra Strass have just introduced Virgin Pure, a counter-top “water bar” for the home for the UK market.  The product is based on
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Agricultural Innovation Takes Center Stage – the Latest from Agritech 2012

“Agricultural technology is experiencing phenomenal momentum today, similar to what the water industry experienced a few years back,” says Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech. We spoke with Distel about new trends
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What next for the start-up nation?

The Economist published an article this week on the massive growth of start-ups in Israel. at the Start-Up conference DLD Tel Aviv, a two-day conference in November where 30
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BBC Horizons series looks at the future of water technology in Israel

On Friday 11 November, the BBC World News Horizons series looks at the future of water technology in Israel and how it’s being used to solve water scarcity. A combination of population growth, urbanisation and climate change is making water sc...
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