Israel Gaming Delegation in NYC (July 28-29)

You are invited to meet Israeli technology solutions for the Gaming sector.

The Israeli game industry is comprised of thousands of developers and designers in the fields of game content and technology. The state of Israel, already widely recognized as the “Start-Up Nation” and as a media content and format hub, has recently left its mark as a rising force in the gaming world with a diverse portfolio of local companies receiving worldwide acclaim.
Game segments like mobile and social games are on the rise, with Israeli studios already recognized for half of the top ten Facebook social games in the entire EMEA region. The world’s leading multinational companies have already made the choice for Israel – now it’s your turn. Come and see what we have to offer.

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Participating Israeli companies:

  1. Captain Up: Engagement platform powered by game mechanics, behavioral psychology, and machine learning.
  2. Jelly Button: Creating artful and adventurous cross platform games.
  3. KIDOZ: Content Discovery Platform for Kids on Mobile Devices.
  4. Playful Shark: Game development studio that functions as a service provider for both local and global markets, offering tailor-made games to various clients.
  5. TabTale: Interactive books, games, and educational apps that kids and parents love.
  6. Trophit:  Distributing in-game real world item vouchers over your existing ad networks.
  7. Upopa: Creating amazing mobile games.

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Presenting companies;

Captain Up

Captain Up is an engagement platform powered by game mechanics, behavioral psychology, and machine learning.

Captain Up takes user actions and gives them instant rewards and recognition. Your users gain reputation, interact and socialize, earn badges, level up, and complete missions. Captain Up provides you with deep insights on user actions, telling you more about how users behave, what works, what doesn’t, and who your users are. Find out about your most loyal, active, and influential users, and interact with them to make the most of your relationship. Use Captain Up to communicate with your users via segmented or targeted messages and give them special rewards. Track and reward any user action relevant to your site or app – share, like, tweet, visit, play a video, level up, kill the dragon, place a bid – you name it. Captain Up is made to integrate into any system with any kind of content.


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Jelly Button

Founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of creating artful and adventurous cross platform games, Jelly Button aims to become the leading name in the casual multiplayer genre.

Jelly Button has raised $1.5M to date from prominent digital media investors and has successfully launched their first game, Cash King Islands, on iOS and Android in Q1 of 2014. Cash King Islands is now in “Soft Launch” and showing impressive KPIs.

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Content discovery platform for kids on mobile devices.

KIDOZ makes any mobile device safe & fun for kids in one click (Kid-Mode). We operate top kids’ tablets and smartphones, including Sprout TV tablets (Comcast company), FunTab, Lenco, Polaroid and 40 others worldwide. We are preloaded on 1.5 million devices this year. KIDOZ is backed by Lool VC and leading investors.
Our products:

  • KIDOZ OS: Safe environment containing the largest database of approved-for-kids items (Apps, Online games, Videos, etc.), combined with powerful parental control features .
  • KIDOZ Store: The first app store designed for kids, with kids’ balance and allowance to facilitate buying process and cap parents’ expenses.


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Playful Shark

Game development studio that functions as a service provider for both local and global markets, offering tailor-made games to various clients.

Playful Shark is an Israel-based game development studio founded in 2007. The studio has created over 80 games, including 4 award-winning titles, for Web, Social Networks, Mobile platforms and Motion Controllers. Our primary client base is advertising agencies, brands, TV franchises and start-up companies.
Each game developed by the studio is uniquely designed to suit its target audience and to accommodate its promotional messages. We offer a full game development solution: from concept phase, game design, through production, to game launch and maintenance.


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TabTale is a creator of interactive books, games, and educational apps that kids and parents love.

With a proprietary platform made for rapid development of high-quality content for smart devices, TabTale has released over 250 apps for children on iOS, Android and Windows devices and has achieved over 300 million downloads. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Israel, TabTale is a global company with operations in over five countries.


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TROPHiT is not an ad network. It is a patent-pending technology that helps your great games get discovered and boost their UA performance, by distributing in-game item vouchers over your existing ad networks.

“Help great games get discovered”, using the power of TROPHIT technology to boost their User-Aqcuisiotn performances on their existing adnetworks’ campaigns by promoting in-game items as “Free Vouchers” leverage the power of “added value” to immerse users further into their games. We build TROPHIT with no need for SDK (Server-side-solution ) and with 100% transparency with the networks, to support best ROI results, both reconversions and for valuable user-quality metrics.


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We create amazing mobile games like the world has never seen before.

Upopa Games creates unique and innovative games, in a mission to establish an original recognizable brand in the various app stores.
Upopa Games Ltd. is a privately held mobile games company, founded in August 2013. The company founders are industry veterans of companies like Google and Moon-Active, and the creator of the game Bitter-Sam, (23rd in overall USA App store and 11th in Games category). We currently have four titles under development, and two games in the iTunes Store and Google Play: “Hopeless: The Dark Cave”, and “Hopeless: Space Shooting”, reaching over one million users with no marketing budget.


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