Israel Rapidly Emerging as World Leader in Cyber-Security

Israel Rapidly Emerging as World Leader in Cyber-Security

Recently, it has become apparent that Israel, long a leader in cyber-technology, is rapidly becoming the world leader in Cyber-Security as well. In no way is this fact more evident that the movement to Israel for advanced Cyber-Security by some of the world;s largest technology companies. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, EMC and Lockheed Martin for example.


IBM will establish a cyber center of excellence in Beersheva in collaboration with Ben Gurion University of the Negev, SVP software and systems Steven Mills announced at the CyberTech 2014 conference. “We think that these centers will need more than 50 people, but that is no reason why it should not grow to several hundred,” said Mills. He estimates that IBM will invest several million dollars in the cyber center. “Send us your CVs,” added IBM Israel software development manager Daniel Yellin. Read more here:


In another important U.S. – Israeli collaboration, U.S. aerospace company Lockheed Martin and EMC Corporation just signed an agreement to jointly invest in advanced technology projects in cloud computing, data analytics and cyber technology. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the new plan at an official launch ceremony at the CyberTech 2014 International Exhibition and Conference in Tel Aviv. Under the arrangement, Lockheed Martin and EMC will identify a series of development opportunities that can be contracted to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and other subject matter experts. Read more here:


Senior officials at Microsoft have recently expressed their intention to buy at least one large Israeli cyber-security firm as a major investment, and internet retailing giant Amazon has put out feelers about buying one too. Officials for the U.S. high-tech giant have been said to refer to a 2013 deal in which IBM bought the Israeli information security firm Trusteer for $650 million and opened a special research and development center in Israel, a model Microsoft is now apparently seeking to emulate. The acquisition or acquisitions that Microsoft is expressing interest in would provide a foundation for a new cyber-security R&D center for the company here. In October, Amazon announced plans to establish marketing and customer support offices in Israel. In addition, several months ago the company conducted a round of discussions with a number of relatively new cyber-security firms here, with the apparent intention of making an acquisition in Israel and use it as a base for an R&D center in Israel. Read more here:


Cyber-Security has become a become a major concern world-wide, and Israel will continue to be at the forefront as a leader in this vital technology, keeping our important data safe.

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