Techs in the City: Kamatech demoday at $MSFT in Times Square showcases Haredi innovation

Techs in the City: Kamatech demoday at $MSFT in Times Square showcases Haredi innovation


On December 3rd, Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square hosted a very special night, featuring companies from Jerusalem’s Kamatech accelerator.

Kamatech is an Israeli accelerator based on the adoption of Haredi innovations by prominent successful secular startups.  The program connects Haredi entrepreneurs to the startup ecosystem, offering them apprenticeships in leading companies and providing supervision  by industry veterans.  It provides access to knowledge and tools, and promotes the development of hi-tech enterprises from the Haredi sector.  Major partners include LiveU, Outbrain, Wix, Plarium, Taboola and Sqream.

Israel’s Ministry of Economy is interested in bringing the economical and societal benefits of the hi-tech revolution to all parts of Israeli society.  In an effort to ensure that Arab and Haredi communities are better represented in  the Startup Nation phenomenon, a number of programs have popped up from the public and private sector.  Jewish and Arab Israelis are initiating programs like Takwin Labs to bring hope and opportunity to Arabic entrepreneurs.  At the same time, programs and accelerators have emerged to leverage hi-tech opportunities in the Haredi communities, such as Ravtech and Kamatech. Kamatech’s leadership includes Moshe Friedman, an Haredi entrepreneur, and Zika Abzuk, a veteran of the Israeli hi-tech scene.

The accelerator also enjoys the support of Dr. Yossi Vardi, one of the Godfathers of Startup Nation.  The exhibiting companies:

  • Bontact Connecting customers to businesses via existing communication platforms.
  • Brillianetor AI system that furnishes computers with socialization skills, to help it interact with a human environment and take care of itself.
  • Cognilyze Psychology based solution that analyzes why shoppers are buying a product, and makes recommendations.
  • Create professional websites with drag and drop platform.
  • Prog-Up Innovative online marketplace for designers.
  • WorkCapital Total e-commerce solution for payments, logistics and POS.
  • English-On Learn a language while you surf the web and read the news.
  • DBA2 Security and peace of mind for database administrators at finance companies.

For more information about Kamatech and these companies, contact Moshe Friedman.  

For info about technology innovation in the Haredi and Arab communities in Israel, contact Josh at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC. 



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