Israeli Start-Ups Sell for $7.2B Record High in 2015

Israeli Start-Ups Sell for $7.2B Record High in 2015

2015 was a record year for Israeli acquisitions. PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s annual Hi-Tech Exit Report released this week reveals Israeli companies are no longer rushing to take their companies public.

According to the Report, for small-to-medium sized Israeli companies, acquisition seems to be the desired choice. A total of 62 deals were recorded in 2015, generating a record high total of $7.2 billion. This increase, according to PwC, can be attributed to large multinational corporations, such as Facebook, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel eager to acquire new, innovative Israeli technologies. Microsoft alone acquired five Israeli companies in 2015.

The largest Israeli acquisition of 2015 was Heartware’s $860 million acquisition of Israeli valve repair company Valtech Cardio.


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