State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT)

State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT)



The water sector is one of Israel’s strongest sectors, and one that Israel is constantly growing, particularly in Texas.

There are many opportunities in Texas for Israeli water technologies, particularly through the Texas Water Development Board’s SWIFT program.

Affordable, ongoing financial assistance for projects in the State Water PlanPassed by the Legislature and approved by Texas voters through a constitutional amendment, the SWIFT program helps communities develop and optimize water supplies at cost-effective rates. The program provides low-interest loans, extended repayment terms, deferral of loan repayments, and incremental repurchase terms for projects with state ownership aspects.

1. Who can borrow?

Any political subdivision of the state with a project included in the adopted regional water plans and that will be included in the state water plan can apply for assistance through this program.

Political subdivisions include:

  • Non-profit water supply corporations
  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • River authorities
  • Special law districts
  • Water improvement districts
  • Water control and improvement districts
  • Irrigation districts
  • Groundwater conservation districts

2. What types of projects are eligible for funding?

Eligible projects are those that are recommended water management strategies in the adopted regional water plans and that will be included in the state water plan, and have an associated capital cost. Alternative water management strategies are not eligible unless the regional and statewide plans are amended to include them as recommended strategies. Projects include conservation and reuse, desalinating groundwater and seawater, building new pipelines, developing reservoirs and wells fields, purchasing water rights, as well as numerous other strategies.

Recognizing the benefit of conservation and the needs of rural Texas, the legislation creating the program encourages SWIFT funding of projects for rural communities, agricultural water conservation, water conservation, and reuse projects.



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