Israeli Experts headline Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement (Southlake, Texas; March 7-9)

Israeli Experts headline Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement (Southlake, Texas; March 7-9)


The New Jihadist and ISIS Challenge

Training provided by Terrogence and Law Enforcement, hosted by Government Advisors.  Southlake Department of Public Safety. March 7-9.

This course will be taught by instructors from Israel who are experts on jihadist terrorism and ISIS. In light of the severe deterioration in the security environment around the globe, resulting from the revival of jihadist groups promoting new goals and modus operandi, LE-GOV and Terrogence offers a unique and comprehensive seminar which provides knowledge and tools for government agencies to identify AQ and ISIS activity, and mitigate potential threats.


  • Waleed Rikab:  Veteran of the IDF Intelligence Corps; 12 years’ experience in counter-terrorism monitoring and assessment. Led specialized departments in the IDF SIGINT Unit. Expertise in tracking and researching the evolution of jihadist organizations within political, sociological and technological frameworks. Mr. Rikab is the Head of the Strategic Research Department at Terrogence.

And a special lecture:

  • ISIS & DEVICES presented by Michael Cardash:   Mr. Cardash is Chief Superintendent (Ret.) at the Israel Police Bomb Disposal Division and a Terrogence Senior CIED analyst.

For more information, and to reserve your spot, contact Shani Naor of Terrogence.  

Shani Shmueli Naor
Operations Manager, Terrogence

Mobile +972-54-520-8335
Tel +972-9-7482180
Fax +972-9-7482179
PO Box 8551 Hamachshev 1, 4250711 Netanya, Israel


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Axis Innovation

Axis Innovation


Axis Innovation, based in Tel Aviv, is a boutique advisory firm that connects corporate and private investors with emerging technology companies. Their core strengths lie in technology scouting and leveraging global networks to create deal-flow opportunities by organizing intimate and focused conferences around the world.

The upcomping event Axis Tel Aviv on March 15-16th, 2016 at the Peres Peace Center will gather 25 top Israeli digital startups have been selected and coached by Axis, about a hundred of international investors.  This is an opportunity to discuss innovations as well as engage with the Israeli startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv.


The lineup promises an extraordinary day of discussion and insight with startups that will cover the most relevant topics in innovation today (Mobile, IT, Big Data and cloud, e-commerce, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Connectivity) and will also feature industry luminaries, round table discussions, pitches from 25 selected startups and one on one meetings.
DCM (Dixon Doll), Intel, SEB, Vegas Tech Fund, 500 Startups, Tyco, Klarna, SGVC, Naspers, the NYSE and many others have already confirmed their participation.

Come to meet the most disruptive Israeli companies in Tel Aviv. Feel free to contact Deborah Rosenberg for more information or you can register HERE.

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Medved: Expect more billion dollar Israeli unicorns (via Bloomberg @Business)

Medved: Expect more billion dollar Israeli unicorns (via Bloomberg @Business)


(Via Bloomberg Business)

  • OurCrowd CEO sees more exits topping $1 billion in Israel
  • High-tech companies raised record $4.43 billion in 2015

Jon Medved, CEO of Jerusalem-based crowdfunding platform OurCrowd that more than doubled its investments in the past year to $200 million, expects Israel to see more "startup unicorns"and larger exits as its entrepreneurs form their second and third companies.

 Israel has already seen several exits of more than a billion dollars, including Mobileye NV, the Jerusalem-based maker of software for driverless cars that closed at a valuation of $6.5 billion in New York on Friday.

“We hope to have some Mobileyes ourselves,” Medved said in an interview at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit this week. “This ability to harness the power of a crowd won’t just get us up the value chain quicker, it will actually generate much bigger exits.”

Israeli high technology companies in 2015 raised $4.43 billion, the highest ever and 30 percent more than the previous year, IVC Research Center said. It attributed much of the increase to higher venture capital-backed financing rounds, that jumped to $8 million from $5.9 million in 2014.

IVC Chief Executive Officer Koby Simana said the trend reflects a change in Israel’s startup industry over all, which is seeing a growing number of medium-size companies with substantial annual revenue, which means more taxes for the government, more employment, and more funds.

“A few years ago it was very hard to find too many Israeli companies that had revenue in the tens of millions and now you see many of those,” said Avi Hasson, head of the Economy Ministry’s Office of the Chief Scientist. “We are seeing the Israeli high-tech industry maturing and we will see bigger and bigger exits.”

Read the entire article, and see more great Startup Nation content, at Bloomberg Business

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NY Governor Cuomo Announces $5B Clean Energy Fund (via @NYGovCuomo)

NY Governor Cuomo Announces $5B Clean Energy Fund (via @NYGovCuomo)


(Via Governor.Gov.NY) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the New York State Public Service Commission's approval of a 10-year, $5 billion Clean Energy Fund to accelerate the growth of New York's clean energy economy, address climate change, strengthen resiliency in the face of extreme weather and lower energy bills for New Yorkers starting this year.

Photo via AP

The $5 billion Clean Energy Fund, to be administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, builds on the progress the state is already making in developing a robust clean tech sector. The fund is projected to result in more than $39 billion in customer bill savings over the next 10 years through innovative projects and private-public partnerships focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making energy more affordable through energy efficiency and renewable energy, and mobilizing private-sector capital.

The fund will operate four major portfolios:

  • Market Development ($2.7 billion): NYSERDA will undertake a variety of activities to stimulate consumer demand for clean energy alternatives, energy efficiency while helping to build clean energy supply chains to meet that growing customer demand. At least $234.5 million must be invested in initiatives that benefit low-to-moderate income New Yorkers during the first three years of the fund;
  • NY-Sun ($961 million): The fund finalizes the funding and confirms the long-term commitment for NY-Sun and for the growing solar electric market and industry in New York State, by supporting rapid and continued cost reduction. This will continue to make solar energy more affordable and accessible for residential and commercial solar customers, and will drive the growth of the solar industry in New York, which currently employs more than 7,000 people across 538 solar companies in the state;
  • NY Green Bank ($782 million): To leverage private sector investment, expand the availability of capital and increase confidence in lending for clean energy projects, the fund will complete the capitalization of the innovative NY Green Bank. The fund will increase NY Green Bank's total investment to $1 billion and will leverage an estimated $8 billion in private investment;
  • Innovation and Research ($717 million): As New York State moves to a cleaner, more efficient, and more widely distributed energy system, the Clean Energy Fund will help spur innovations through research and technology development that will drive clean-tech business growth and job creation while providing more energy choices to residential and business customers.

In today's Clean Energy Fund order, the Commission also allocated $150 million for the development of new Large Scale Renewables power projects in 2016. As the Commission develops a Clean Energy Standard, it will create new incentives for large scale renewables and a new mechanism to prevent the premature retirement of safe, upstate nuclear power plants during this transition.

In addition, the Commission ruled that the Clean Energy Standard should include non-emitting generation resources, like the nuclear power facilities in upstate New York.

More information and read the original article HERE.

For more information about cleantech from Israel and programs in our area, contact  Rebecca at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.


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