8200 for Startups by EISP
Online Business Tour
October 18th-21th 2020

8200 EISP is pleased to announce a virtual business tour for early and growth-stage companies

Nine selected startups will have the opportunity to present to top venture capital firms and potential enterprise customers. These startups have already reached the revenue stage, or have demonstrated momentum toward revenue, and are looking to continue to grow and scale their businesses.

The main goal of the tour is to help these startups in their mission to penetrate global markets, strengthen their presence and scale-up.

Who are we?

8200 EISP was founded in 2011 by the 8200 (the Israeli equivalent to NSA) Alumni Association, as the first startup accelerator in Israel. Our vision is to harness the vast potential of 8200 alumni in order to empower start-ups and to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel.

We are a non-profit organization driven by our immensely successful network and geared up to provide startups with the best tools in their journey to success.

We have a proven record – The program won the award for best accelerator program in Israel for 2019. We support 152 startups, raising over $700M collectively, and employing over 600 people in Israel and overseas. 5 of our startup alumni have been acquired by market leaders e.g. CheckPoint, Rakuten, Microsoft and Nokia.

Join us for this upcoming tour and explore the different ways you can take part!

Click here for more information: 8200 EISP delegation team