Agritech is an outstanding international conference and exhibition on agricultural, water, and food chain technologies, innovations, that will take place in Tel Aviv, October 17-18, 2023.

The world we live in is changing rapidly, as populations both continue to grow and adapt higher standards of living, which leads to increased stress on the environment and gradual depletion of natural resources which effect physical and geopolitical climates change. All these lead to the need to create the smart, sustainable new solutions. For that reason, governments, academic researchers, international institutions, and industry worldwide are searching for new and innovative solutions to meet the world’s food security challenges.

Agritech Israel 2023 will bring together industry leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs and investors, researchers, and policymakers worldwide. The conference will follow the global vectors of change and explore how they are reflected in all Agricultural sectors. This year’s theme is “Food Security in a Disrupted Era”. The conference will focus on the efforts and achievements of policymakers, scientists, industries, organizations, farmers, project companies and bankers, working to overcome climate barriers, expand food sources, and “push the envelope” of sustainable agricultural and water resources.

Based on a foundation of academic excellence and drawing on its hi-tech experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Israel continues to focus on developing innovative technologies in the Agricultural and Water sectors. With firsthand experience, Israel is strategically positioned to share solutions for the world’s increasing demands.

The Agritech Israel organization, the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, the Israel Export Institute, and the ARO – Volcani institute support Agritech Israel 2023 and see the event as an opportunity to build strategic international collaborations to meet the world’s Food security challenges. I believe it is time to emphasize building close international relationships to address and enable the implementation of new technologies.

We invite you to participate in this important event and look forward to your visit to Israel!