Consumers worldwide increasingly recognize the impact that animal based product consumption has on the environment, animals, and their bodies. Alternative protein options offer promising solutions including plant derived meat, cultivated meat and fish, fermentation, and many more. Utilizing these solutions, we have the opportunity to decrease the environmental impact on the food system, and more effectively utilize resources for food production.

Alternative protein is packed with flavor and nutritional benefits. Because of this, demand is higher than it has ever been and continues to increase. According to data from SPINS (March 22, 2022) sales of animal product replacements within food markets have increased by 6% in the past year and are now at 7.4 billion dollars. Consumers are pleased with what they have tried. Of those who have tried plant-based products, 80% plan on replacing real animal products with their vegan alternatives.

It’s not just vegans and vegetarians who consume plant-based products. An increasing number of individuals follow a “flexitarian” diet (eat mostly vegetarian with some meat and fish) or another combination of animal and plant-based. In fact, 90% of the growing alternative protein market also purchases animal products. Plant-based protein products are also viewed as healthy additions to diets, with 56% of consumers stating health benefits as a reason for eating plant-based protein.

Israeli innovations lead in this growing space. Total annual investments in Israeli FoodTech have exceeded 100 million dollars since 2017, with over 400 companies in the industry to date. Within the global food market, Israel is regarded as a leader and an incubator for innovative solutions and has a specifically strong presence in the areas of new sources of protein and cultured meat products. Although the country faces challenges such as a small local market and high production costs relative to other countries, Israel has ample access to programs such as incubators, funded research and development programs, and innovation labs that all support the success of Israeli companies.

Listed below are a few Israeli innovative companies in the alternative protein space.

Alfred’s FoodTech is developing alternatives to animal proteins using new technology for the production of plant-based meat and cheese substitutes. The company’s technology mimics the flavor, texture, and feel of animal-derived products, without sacrificing nutritional value, using a scalable approach.

InnovoPro has developed a technology designed to extract a 70-percent-chickpea protein concentrate, which offers a sustainable, healthy, affordable, and non-GMO source of plant-based protein. InnovoPro’s technology harnesses a biotechnological process that yields several nutrients that can be used in a wide range of food applications and fit with a variety of diets.

Remilk develops real dairy products with no animals involved. Utilizing an innovative microbial fermentation process, Remilk reproduces milk proteins to craft real dairy with the same flavor, texture, and nutritional values as traditional milk.

Yo-Egg is developing a plant-based egg substitute designed for consumers who wish to enjoy eggs without harming animals or the planet and without having to compromise on appearance, flavor, texture, or nutritional value. The company’s egg substitute can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes across multiple cuisines and styles while being free of both cholesterol and egg-associated pathogens such as salmonella.

Aleph Farms grows real steaks from isolated cow cells. The company’s proprietary 3D platform uses various types of cells to form complex tissue, ensuring an end product that resembles the taste, texture, and structure of conventionally farmed meat. Their first product is cultivated beef steak.

Wanda Fish aims to let the world eat the fish it craves while giving the marine ecosystem time to rehabilitate. The company produces top-quality, cultivated, delicious, and nutritious fish fillets made with natural fish muscle and fat tissue. The company’s technology is covered by patent applications and extensive know-how in producing native 3D fat and muscle tissue and scaling tissue production via customized bioreactors.



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