After two months of lockdowns to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, countries across the globe are beginning to implement phased exit strategies for safely reopening their economies.

As governments and businesses look to ease restrictions while maintaining social distancing and protective measures like mask-wearing and diligent hygiene, Israeli technology companies offer a diverse array of solutions for safeguarding public health and equipping officials with the real-time intelligence they need to successfully manage exit strategies and rapidly respond to new cases:

  • Used by more than 130 local governments across the United States, smart city management platform Zencity harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive actionable insights from citizen feedback data collected both online and offline. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the company is helping local governments improve crisis communications, pinpoint gaps in response, and enhance preparedness. As localities reopen their economies, the platform can help governments monitor resident sentiment in specific areas, tailor communications according to residents’ needs and questions, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Corsight’s sophisticated facial recognition technology – based on advanced neuroscience and biological research – works even for individuals wearing face masks, making it easier to identify and notify people who have been in proximity to confirmed COVID-19 patients. A subsidiary of leading AI company Cortica, Corsight can help bolster contact-tracing, which public health experts have identified as a critical element of any successful exit strategy.
  • AqooA Solutions is developing a solution using electrolyzed tap water to kill viruses and bacteria. Led by researchers at Bar-Ilan University, the company has tested its solution against herpes simplex virus type 1 and human coronavirus OC43, both of which were eliminated by the disinfectant.

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