Attend the New Jihadist & ISIS Challenge Seminar in Texas March 7-9

We’d like to invite United States Law Enformcement members to participate in The New Jihadist & ISIS Challenge Seminar to be held in Southlake, Texas from March 7-9, 2016. The Seminar is being organizied by the Israeli Open Source Web Intelligence Company, Terrogence.


This course will be taught by instructors from Israel who are experts on jihadist terrorism and ISIS.  In light of the severe deterioration in the security environment around the globe, resulting from the  revival of jihadist groups promoting new goals and modus operandi, LE-GOV and Terrogence offers a unique and comprehensive seminar which provides knowledge and tools for government agencies to  identify AQ and ISIS activity, and mitigate potential threats.


For more information about the Seminar and to register, click HERE.


Please direct any questions to Gil Reider, Director of HLS, Cyber, and Aerospace at the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute. Gil can be reached at

Israel Trade & Economic Office