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Motorola Solutions Plans New Israel Innovation Center

Motorola Solutions Plans New Israel Innovation Center

Motorola Solutions

Last week, Chicago based Motorola Solutions Chairman and CEO Greg Brown visited Israel and announced a new innovation center for Motorola in Israel.  The innovation center will focus on development of technologies related to big data, cyber security, mobile technology and the Internet of Things.  The announcement was heralded by Prime Minister Netanyahu who said to Motorola: "You're in the right place, in the right country, in the right business."

Motorola has a long history in Israel as one of the first multinationals to open an R&D center in Israel back in 1964, and worked hand in hand with Israeli researchers on the development of mobile technology.

To learn more, click here to a Times of Israel Story.  In addition, contact our office to learn more about the innovations Motorola is targeting in Israel.


Israel Trade & Economic Office

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U.S. and Israeli Energy Ministers Sign New Energy Agreement

U.S. and Israeli Energy Ministers Sign New Energy Agreement

An Interesting article about Strengthening the cooperation between Israel and the U.S In the energy sector, which will contribute production, and distribution technologies for fossil and alternative fuels, research and development for natural gas, cyber protection

Israel Commercial Mission, Embassy of Israel

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White House Introduces Israeli Incubator to Solve California’s Water Crisis

The White House approved a total of 30 new projects. In Los Angeles, an Israeli cleantech incubator was approved as one of few internationally born projects. Ten Israeli companies will be introduced to to the U.S. market to develop solutions to combat California's water crisis. That project, announced earlier this month at a summit on water solutions, “builds on California and Israel’s March 2014 memorandum of understanding to cooperate on developing water and green technology solutions,” the White House said in a statement.

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“Internet of Things” tech from Israel on display at 2016 Dealmakers Summit

“Internet of Things” tech from Israel on display at 2016 Dealmakers Summit

dealmakers 2013 banner cropped

dealmakers 2016

On March 29, the Israel Economic Missions in NYC and San Francisco teamed up to host a delegation of Israeli “Internet of Things” companies. The eight companies had developed mostly consumer facing solutions, including a smart devices for tracking your family, cyber protection for your home, and technologies to help customers and citizens interact with their environment.

"Internet of Things" delegation from Israel:
  • BreezoMeter: World's leading real-time air quality analytics provider.
  • Dojo Labs: Privacy solutions for all IoT devices in a connected home.
  • GetAlert: Smart security to home monitoring and surveillance.
  • hereO: End-to-end family location sharing ecosystem with both app-to-app and app-to-device.
  • Kwik: Platform connecting retailers, brands and service providers to their customers.
  • Salient Eye: Turns any smartphone/tablet into a portable and remote home alarm system.
  • Say: Wearable social platform that provides the missing link between the physical self-expression and social media.
  • Treek: Monitor, control and provide automated professional care for indoor potted houseplants.

The Israeli IoT “conference” was a special activity adjacent to the concurrent Israel Dealmakers Summit, an annual gathering organized by Landmark Ventures and the Israeli Ministry of Economy. The Israeli IoT companies benefited from over 99 one-on-one meetings with relevant investors and strategic partners during a 3.5 hour period, 70-80% of which were booked in advance. During the conference, our Israeltech companies were solidly booked and pre-occupied with their meetings, with barely time for breaks. They met with a variety of investors, from angels to corporate VCs.

dealmakers 2016 2

The 2016 Israel Dealmakers Summit, which took place concurrently with our IoT conference, was held in San Francisco after several years in New York. The west coast version of Dealmakers was considerably smaller than the NYC events, though in a way, more focused. Unsuprisingly, the audience in attendance had a heavier representation from the technology world, specifically in corporate development, R&D and investment. One highlight at the summit was phenomenal panel featuring Israeli GMs of multinational companies, speaking to the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of working with Startup Nation talent and innovation. In general, there was a “great energy and noticeable buzz” in the air with serious business and dealmaking.


In attendance was a considerable delegation from the Israeli Ministry of Economy, and Director General Amit Lang was among the presenters. Among the many sessions at the summit was a panel on how the Israeli government is sponsoring programs to support investment and innovation. Overall, we’d like to congratulate Landmark Ventures on another phenomenal event.

For more information about investing in Israel or about our IoT delegation, contact Erik Blumberg.


Israel Trade & Economic Office

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Pushing limits, challenging boundaries and getting the job done. We are Israelis.

Pushing limits, challenging boundaries and getting the job done. We are Israelis.


We were born a million ideas ago, and ever since, we keep evolving,/ specializing in the Unheard-Of, seeking the Never-Done-Before, and intrigued by the Unthinkable.


A competitive nation of entrepreneurs,/ where everyone knows better/ and nobody cares to listen.

A place where brains and energy are ubiquitous and breakthroughs regularly shine.

We're curious, independent, impatient, and, well, we have a reputation of being somewhat indelicate.  People who like to push the limits and challenge boundaries.  People who love shortcuts and hate each second.  People who are totally focused on Getting the Job Done.

From automotive to aerospace. From communication to pharma. We're the pulse of everything that is regarded as truly new.

We're what Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Mark Cuban, and Warren Buffet all have in common. A lucrative opportunity.  A worthwhile investment.  And apart from everything, we're far from being modest.  After all, we are Israelis. 

For more information about investment opportunities in Israel, contact Josh at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC or visit InvestinIsrael.gov.il

Israel Trade & Economic Office

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BIRD Energy Call for Proposals

BIRD Energy Call for Proposals


This week BIRD (Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research & Development Fund) announced its upcoming Call for Proposals for BIRD Energy deadline for Executive Summaries will be June 29, 2016.

BIRD Energy is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy and the Israel Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, and BIRD Foundation.

To be considered, a project proposal should include:

  • R&D cooperation between two companies or cooperation between a company and a university/research institution (one from the U.S. and one from Israel).
  • Innovation in areas such as: Solar Power, Alternative Fuels, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Smart Grid, Water-Energy Nexus, Wind Energy or any other Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency technology.
  • Significant commercial potential; the project outcome should lead to commercialization.

Executive Summary - June 29, 2016
Final Proposal - August 11, 2016
Decisions -  October 24, 2016

For more information, please contact Jordan Miller at jordan.miller@israeltrade.gov.il.

Israel Trade & Economic Office

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Israeli #EdTech Roadshow in Manhattan (wrap-up)

Israeli #EdTech Roadshow in Manhattan (wrap-up)


On March 15, four Israeli companies with solutions for the education technology space visited New York for a full day of networking and business development activities.  The roadshow was organized by the Israel Economic Mission in NYC and MindCET.  The companies were:

The full day of meetings started out with an intimate investors’ breakfast in midtown, where the delegation met with angels and VCs.  The program consisted of brief pitches by the companies followed by networking.

Following breakfast, the delegation headed uptown to the 92nd Street Y, where they presented their technologies to the departments involved with education and STEM initiatives throughout the city.

The third leg of the afternoon took the group across town to the Jewish Education Project, where they met with JEP’s Chief Innovation Officer and his team.  JEP is a network of 400+ American Jewish day schools.  All the companies were added to the JEP “resource portal” for teachers, and may see their solutions implemented soon in Jewish day schools. 

To close out the business day, the group headed over to the Sesame Workshop, the group that produces Sesame Street.  At Sesame, they met with head of the organization VC arm in addition to a senior representative from their technology partnership team.

After a full day of private meetings, the group attended a very impressive event in the evening titled “Israel Meets Shark Tank EDU,” co-hosted with the NYC Department of Education.  At the event, each company delivered a 7-minute demo to six public school teachers from around the five boroughs.  Following each presentation was a 15-minute Q+A with the panel of teachers.

Feedback from the companies was extremely positive, who, despite the packed schedule, were very happy with the access and quality of the meetings.

For more information about this activity and EdTech from Israel, contact Erik Blumberg.


Israel Trade & Economic Office

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Series A Israeltech Demo Night with JFE in NYC

Series A Israeltech Demo Night with JFE in NYC


On the evening of March 9, the Israel Economic Mission teamed up with JFE to host six Israeli companies at a Series A demo night.  The public event took place at WorkBench, a VC and coworking space in New York, and was attended by over 100 people.  

The Israeli companies were:

  • Avanan: One-click security for your SaaS applications.
  • Contguard: Delivering real-time cargo control across the world.
  • DBS-H:  Releasing data access bottlenecks with continuous big data integration.
  • EZBZ: A local honest marketplace connecting customers with reputable businesses.
  • Moburst: Innovating in the world of mobile product optimization and marketing.
  • Semperis: Optimizing active directory uptime through insight.

The Israeli companies, with mostly enterprise solutions, pitched to five early-stage VCs active in the mobile, software and enterprise solution space.  The VCs were:

  1. Workbench
  2. Bessemer
  3. Lou Kerner (Flight VC)
  4. Fintech Collective
  5. Whitestar Capital

The event featured dinner and light refreshments, and the Israeli companies played to a packed house.

JFE stands for “Jews For Entrepreneurship,” an accelerator program out of San Francisco that is investing in Jewish founded companies.  Recently, they are working quite a bit and being more active and involved with Israeli companies and entrepreneurs.  
Contact Erik Blumberg for more information.   


Israel Trade & Economic Office

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