The Israel Innovation Authority in collaboration with the National Israel Digital Initiative at the Ministry of Social Equality, announces the opening of a competitive process to select one franchisee who will set up a digital health (computational biology) innovation lab, with an emphasis on biotechnology solutions, in the face of global challenges in this field.  The purpose of the lab is to leverage the long-standing scientific excellence in computational biology, unique medical and genomic sources of information, leading information technology, computational and artificial intelligence, and the advanced health system in Israel, to develop innovative biotechnology solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence processes for fruitful collaboration in Israel and worldwide.

The Israel Innovation Authority will fund up to NIS 6 million for the establishment of a unique technological infrastructure, and up to NIS 1 million from the ongoing annual operation of the lab to be established. In addition, the Israel Innovation Authority will participate in the funding of  lab companies at a rate of 85% of the approved budget of up to NIS 3 million per project, all in accordance with the research committee’s approval of the technological feasibility of the projects proposed by lab companies and according to the benefits of the benefit track.

The new innovation lab will join the Israel Innovation Authority’s Innovation Labs Program and operate under Subsection C – Technological Innovation Lab in the Digital Health of Benefit Track # 29 – Technology Innovation Labs Program


A wonderful opportunity for multinational Pharma companies, tech giants, VCs to join forces with leading Israeli industry players and gain exposure to early stage – open innovation with the Israel Innovation Authority’s extensive funding!

Digital Health – Computational Biology Innovation Lab Call for Proposals is open. The detailed program can be viewed here (specified in Appendix C).

Please make sure that you submit the questions to by May 14, 2020 so we can address all of them in time.

The deadline to submit proposals is September 1st 14:00, 202