About The Israel Economic Mission to the East Coast

The Israel Economic Mission to the East Coast, based in New York, is part of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy. Our goal is to promote trade and investment between Israel and the United States, particularly the markets on the East Coast.

The Mission promotes collaboration between Israeli and U.S. companies in a variety of sectors, including cyber, investment, fintech, digital health, life sciences, consumer goods, wine, retail tech, sports tech, smart cities, clean energy, homeland security, software and IT, water technology.

The New York office is covering three main areas:

  • The Economic Mission initiates and maintains trade agreements and facilitates strategic cooperation with foreign companies, organizations and government agencies;
  • We offer opportunities from Israel to local business communities, in addition to general information about the economy, specific sectors, or specific companies;
  • We encourage foreign investment in Israeli companies and identify Israeli entities and companies that are open to cultivating a U.S. presence, developing R&D or other strategic cooperation.  Additionally, we assist the Israeli business community by providing business information and contacts through an extensive database of businesses on the East Coast from a variety of economic sectors.
Our Goal:
Assisting the Israeli industry in deepening the activity in existing markets, and penetrating new markets
Accompanying and supporting the individual exporter in the marketing activity abroad
Initiating and applying international trade agreements and maintaining existing agreements
Raising investments and strategic cooperation & Improving the image of the Israeli industry and economy

Anat Katz

Israeli Economic Minister to North America

Jacob Bassiri

Director of Business Development

Josh Berliner

Director of Business Development

Jennifer Kim

Director of Business Development

Sam Rubenstein

Director of Business Development

Tamar Shlimak

Director of Business Development

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