Eilat’s famed North Beach

As part of the development process of Israel’s leading tourist city Eilat local authorities are moving the airport away from the city center. As a result, Eilat’s government now has a brand new opportunity to reinvent and enhance Eilat’s tourism industry,  creating a unique one-time opportunity for entrepreneurs to be part of redeveloping one of the most unique tourist destinations in the Middle East.

Eilat Economic Corporation has recently published a call for entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world in the areas of tourism, entertainment, and attractions to submit proposals. Here is a link to RFI:

RFI to Redevelop the Old Eilat Airport Grounds

Eilat is famed for its beaches and coral reefs, which makes it a snorkeler’s paradise. It’s also got some of the best seafood restaurants in Israel, and a hopping nightlife scene.

Eilat’s local Government is known in Israel for its pro-entrepreneur and pro-foreign investment policies, and the Eilat Economic Corporation strongly encourages entrepreneurs with experience in tourism projects to explore this opportunity further. All questions and inquiries concerning this tender have to be addressed to the Eilat Economic Corporation in writing: liat@eec.co.il