Disasters, both natural and man-made, are a common phenomenon all over the world, some of which escalate into emergencies as a result of their magnitude.

Good emergency and crisis planning aims to reduce, control, or mitigate the effects of emergencies such as natural disasters, spills of hazardous materials, fires, explosions, and security threats. While pre-planned emergency response is most effective for the immediate tackling of any predictable event, the unpredictable nature of a crisis, often from unforeseen risks that could threaten the existence of the country, means that innovative technologies that are robust enough have to be adopted to mitigate the unforeseen.

Turkey and Syria recently experienced devastating earthquakes which cost millions of lives and properties. Israel sent aid in support of the affected people and this was done through experts and technologies Israel has to offer in such situations.

Israeli companies have developed some of the world’s most innovative solutions to help countries better manage emergencies and crises. below are 5 of such solutions:


  • SeismicAI – SeismicAI is a global provider of earthquake and tsunami early warning (ETEW) and seismic monitoring solutions for the private and public sectors. Their ETEW as-a-service offering includes robust and cost-effective on- and off-network solutions enabling business continuity and public safety. Leveraging groundbreaking technology, diverse partnerships, and a unique business model, SeismicAI is a private science-based company with a proven record worldwide. Headed by an outstanding team of business professionals, technological experts, and world-renowned seismologists, SeismicAI covers the full earthquake/tsunami early warning cycle – from monitoring, through alerts, to automated preventive actions. With their breakthrough solutions, enterprises, organizations, and governments can minimize loss of life and physical damage, while ensuring a business-as-usual approach before, during, and after seismic events.


  • Evigilo Ltd. – Evigilo develops and delivers Emergency Mass-Notification and Alert multi-channel solutions for governments, municipalities, and businesses. Its world-class, mass notification solutions are field proven and have been tested in real, continuous, life-threatening events. Knowing what is happening, and when it is happening will save lives, allow for faster recovery, save money, and allow for better control. This is the bedrock of evigilo. Evigilo’s technology delivers mass notification to any number of people, anywhere in the world within seconds using: Cell Broadcast, sms, TV, Radio, mobile apps, landlines, electronic billboards, internet, and email. Simply put, they deliver alerts to anything with a digital interface (basically anything except telepathy).


  • Robotican– Robotican is a world leader in Unmanned Autonomous Systems with unique mission capabilities. Their products are designed to reduce workloads and enhance capabilities, performance, and efficiency in unconventional and dangerous operations. Connecting state-of-the-art sensors-based perception systems to physical activity by the means of sophisticated AI-based algorithms. Robotican’s main Drone products: Goshawk: Drone interceptor to catch hostile drones.


  • RT LTA Systems Ltd. – A specialist in aerostat technologies, RT is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of SkyStarTM aerostats, a family of combat-proven, compact, mobile, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) and communications systems based on lighter than air platforms. SkyStarTM systems are operationally deployed worldwide, supporting military and security users in five continents, performing ISR, law enforcement, crowd control, VIP Protection, Perimeter Security, emergency response missions, and more. Skystar systems are proven operating systems, cost-effective, easy to operate, rapidly deployed, and customized for a range of operating conditions in high performance worldwide in various military and civilian missions. The unique design of Skystar aerostat allows safe operations in winds exceeding 40 knots at altitudes of up to 1,500 feet. The optical sensor suite is capable of high-resolution day/night, Omnidirectional operation with zoom and video recording features. Skystar systems can carry any sensor according to the customer’s needs (including a sensor brought by the customer) and relatively to its small size can carry heavy payloads.


  • Ytcom Group – The YTCOM has been operating in the market of wireless communication solutions since 1987 and owns companies that specialize in diverse services of planning, building, selling, and renting DMR, POC, and Private LTE. It provides its diverse clientele with solutions for routine and emergencies, operational events, and logistical and security needs.

Its client list includes security and government institutions, municipal authorities, international business and infrastructure companies, including emergency and rescue     organizations, municipalities and regional councils, commercial companies, factories, banks, hospitals, academic institutions, and more.