by Randall Finke


The evolution of the motor vehicle and mobility has been fascinating, to say the least. So many ideas have been thought of to improve the driving and rider experience, from urban planning to the internal construction of the ride. Nowadays the pressure is even higher for Automotive companies to appease old and new customers. With the threat of new incumbents, industry leaders are looking for ways to increase fuel standards, create fun experiences within the car, fastrack towards autonomous driving, improve safety in and around the vehicle, and increase user engagement, all while creating a product that is attractive to customers.

Over the last decade, software has also entered this realm, as ever more data creates a better picture of what will be the best everything for the vehicle. Think of readings on chemical/electric parts, connecting with other cars or trucks, image sensors, phone connectivity, and much more.


The following Israeli companies have adapted to these trends and look to disrupt the current ecosystem with their cutting-edge technology solutions and products:

  • ADASKY develops and manufactures intelligent thermal sensing technologies, creating small, intelligent, energy-efficient end-to-end camera systems at an affordable price.
  • City Transformer develops the world’s first all-electric mobility solution that intelligently transforms its dimensions and riding behavior while driving, to meet the complex challenges of those who call the world’s largest cities “home”.
  • Continual provides connected car manufacturers with an innovative toolset for analyzing and improving the connected journey experience.
  • GoTo covers all of the user’s personal mobility needs with one membership and one app. The company has its own proprietary technology and operates globally.
  • HopOn is a patent-pending payment and ticketing platform for public transportation that can work in parallel with and support multiple, simultaneous validations.
  • Imagry is an Autonomous Vehicle software provider that has created a mapless driving system. Imagry’s software enables the autonomous vehicle to understand the road as it goes and reacts to dynamic contexts and environments, just like a human driver.
  • NoTraffic is an Autonomous Traffic Management Platform, laying today the digital foundation for the future of urban transportation and defining the market standard for the new generation of traffic management via digital transformation.
  • SafeMode seeks to predict human drivers’ next actions for better autonomous decision-making.


About the Author

Randall Finke covers Mobility, FinTech, and Investment for the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast. His interests also include AI/Big Data, Frontier technology, and the future of healthcare.

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