Water is arguably the most important commodity on earth. As important as crops, metals and energy are to the planet, none of them matter without water. Every agricultural crop that feeds the planet needs it to grow. Farmers couldn’t raise chickens, cows, pigs, or any livestock without massive quantities of it.

Water is scarce in the Middle East and some sixty percent of Israel is arid. With climate change and a rapidly growing population, Israel should have faced a major water shortage. However, thanks to Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and holistic approach, the country has a water surplus and is a global leader in water technology and management.

Water tech in Israel is a field of innovation that aims to manage, treat, and supply water in an arid country. Some of the technologies include digital solutions for monitoring water flow and detecting leaks, plastic trays for collecting dew, drip irrigation for efficient and precise agriculture, and natural biological filtration and ultraviolet treatment for reusing wastewater. Israel’s water technology saves the economy millions of dollars (shekels) each year and helps turn desert into productive land.

By implementing massive water recycling and saltwater desalination programs using Israeli-invented drip irrigation technology in agriculture and water management technologies, Israel was able to save water and also increase its water supply to meet its high water demand.

Israel also exports its water technology and know-how to other countries facing water scarcity or quality issues. Find below some watertech areas where Israeli firms are making strong inroads;

Water Metering Systems

  • Arad Group – Arad Group is a world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services, the Arad Group specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality meters, automatic meter reading (AMR), and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, and advanced MDM systems and technologies.
  • Drizzle X – Drizzle X technology answers a longstanding need for real-time, accurate data about water usage in properties that lack individual water meters, at an attractive price point. They use data to provide an actual-usage-based billing service for properties.

Water Flow Tech – Water Flow-Tech is an Israeli technology company that develops worldwide-patented innovative controllers, which revolutionize flow-metering functionality at low water flows, detect low flow leaks and alerts in real-time, and solve Non-Revenue Water problems, save water Loss and energy.

Filtration Systems

  • Filtersafe – Filtersafe filters are equipped not only with the technology but also the know-how to integrate successfully into water industrial applications. Filtersafe’s filters’ tailored designs and simple modularity enable us to supply from 10 microns upwards, with flow rates from 50-5000m³/hr in a single unit and limitless capacity in modular configurations. Filtersafe brings unrivaled value, effectiveness, and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions.


  • Rain-Tal Ltd – Rain-Tal filters are made with patented unique plastic “Super Disks” and are sold under the trade name “Super Disk Filter”, the trademark SDF™. Each disk is formed with a continuous raised sinuous rib extending radially on one side and annular ribs extending circularly on the other side. When the disks are stacked together small filtering passageways are formed in-between.
  • En Gibton – En Gibton develops, produces, and markets superior water purification materials based on its proprietary micelle-clay complex technology. Extensive laboratory tests and a pilot plant have proven the superior efficacy of the company’s products and they are approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of Health.


Leak Detection and Monitoring Solutions

  • Aquarius Spectrum – At Aquarius Spectrum, they’re transforming the way water utilities boost the resilience of their water networks by harnessing AI, big water data, and advanced acoustic sensors. Our mission is clear: to conserve the world’s most precious resource.
  • Asterra – Asterra solutions can deliver wide-area data and visualizations that let you see and assess underground conditions across entire potable or wastewater systems or the most expansive worksites. With ASTERRA, one can monitor every problem at once, evaluate its severity, and set priorities using complete and solid infrastructure intelligence.