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The advent of Covid-19 forced people worldwide to work and learn remotely. Many in the education sector were caught unprepared, lacking even the most basic skills required for transitioning to online teaching and learning. This was compounded by the lack of access to adequate technology, resulting in severe gaps within education.

Surprisingly, the COVID crisis also had a positive effect on education. It has forced us to rethink teaching methodologies and search for innovative ways to improve the quality and relevance of the education provided in schools and bring it up-to-date with modern technology tools.

Israel offers some well proven and innovative educational technologies that are applicable to schools’ colleges and vocational institutes. These unique learning technologies equip students with a set of skills and knowledge that help them to best fulfill their own innate potential and cope successfully with industrial changes and the disruption of Covid 19.

The Israel educational technologies are also easily adaptable to different languages and cultures with tremendous impact on the learners. Here are just a few;

ATID International its inception in 1990, ATID International has acquired vast experience in the education sector in a variety of countries in Europe and Africa. In each country, working side by side with local representatives, they develop a tailor-made program designed in congruence with the local job market and the country’s unique needs.

ATID offers immense expertise in consulting and advise to governments and municipalities on vocational training, establishing advanced educational facilities, teaching courses and seminars in a variety of frameworks, training professional personnel and developing educational programs.


The MICHEAL Method a unique learning technology, the Michael Method is considered a global breakthrough in its field. It was developed in Israel over a lengthy period by dozens of academics from a wide range of disciplines. The Michael Method focuses on the development of individual abilities, such as the belief in personal capability, self-confidence, motivation to succeed and achieve, vision, imagination, the ability to deal with crisis and failure, self-criticism, and ongoing learning habits. At the same time, the Michael Method develops set of skills that are essential for striving in the current industrial and business environment that are rapidly changing.

SITI Education Technology an easy-to-implement solution for delivering engagement and discovery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The integration of these fields using experiments prepare students for present and future work career. They also help to build innovation and creativity skills that have the students understand how systems work. The SITI technology covers in depth science and mathematics with technology; engineering with sense robots and technology and tech prep systems.

The SES Education, manufactures and markets worldwide educational training systems. SES covers universities, colleges, high schools, vocational schools, and primary schools studying programs. Renowned for their ability to cater to numerous fields, sectors and segments, SES Education systems are spread across a wide spectrum, offering unique solutions in the fields of electronics, telecommunication, mechatronics, hydraulics, refrigeration and air-conditioning, green energy, computerized systems, robotics and STEM. Each training system covers a complete course including theory and hands-on experiments. SES products can be adapted to various types of curricula and laboratories. ​

Edukeywww.educationkey.comis an international consulting, training & certification, development, and project integration company. They specialize in providing high quality educational solutions tailored to the needs of their customers and designed to prepare individuals for work/life in the 21st century. With over 20 years of experience in the field of educational innovation, their experts offer programs and services tailored to meet your needs.EduKey believes strengthening education by leveraging modern technologies, introducing effective instructional practices coupled with solid business approaches in order to establish relevant skills that fuel productivity and economic growth.

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