Quantum Computing is currently one of the most sought after technologies across the world. Israel being one of the most technologically advanced nations, has much to offer in this front.

Earlier this year it was announced that Israel is to invest about $60 Million in order to build its first Super computer. This project is a part of Israel’s $380 Million national initiative to develop quantum expertise. In order to facilitate this, the Government of Israel has formed the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI) that is a joint venture between the Council for Higher Education, the Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance.

According to INQI, Quantum science and technology (QST) is a paradigm-shift and hence there is a need to build and develop the community and capabilities in a wide-spread, long-term approach. They also affirm that activity in Israel is booming in Quantum Computing, and already there is a 30-40% increase in academic activity, and a jump from a small number of industries to several dozen industries, from small to large.

The Israel Innovation Authority under it’s the MAGNET project , has created a consortium that includes members from the industry and academia. The consortium is named The Quantum Technologies Development Consortium. In their own words, the research is aimed at gaining improved technologies by cooperation between the researchers, which will boost the industry towards improved quantum sensors, namely, atomic clocks, quantum magnetometers and quantum gravimeters.

Besides this consortium that has mainly established companies as its members, Israel boasts of several Start Ups that are doing some ground breaking work in this sector. Following are some examples:

  • Quantum Machines is the creator of complete hardware and software solution for the control and operation of quantum computers. The company’s Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) aims to facilitate current quantum research and development and enable future quantum breakthroughs. At the solution’s core is the OPX, the hardware portion of the QOP, which comprises multiple waveform generators, digitizers, and processing units, all integrated on a single FPGA with unique and scalable architecture. The OPX is designed to be easily programmed using QUA, a standard universal language for quantum computing. QUA allows researchers to intuitively program complex quantum programs that are tightly integrated with classical processing and real-time decision-making. The language addresses all of the requirements of an anticipated quantum computing software abstraction layer.
  • QuantumLeap is a startup specializing in quantum-as-a-service (QaaS) solutions. The company’s mission is to build simulators, algorithms, and a full-stack QaaS system based on deep knowledge in physics, math, computer science, and material engineering in order

to solve global challenges in healthcare, chemistry, finance, logistics, the search for new materials, and other domains.

  • QuantLR provides a solution designed for organizations interested in communicating highly sensitive data between two points, as well as for telecommunication providers (5G in particular) seeking to provide ultimately secured communication lines for a significant competitive advantage. Initial adopters of the company’s technology will include financial institutions, government and defense organizations, and infrastructure facilities (for authentication purposes). QuantLR’s ultimate goal is to enable worldwide mass deployment of quantum key distribution.
  • LightSolver is planning to build an optical solver to find solutions for complicated computational problems. The company is developing an all-optical, quantum-inspired device that will use the natural properties of light such as deep connectivity and massive parallelism to find the optimal solution. This device, based on a coupled lasers array, will be desktop sized, operate at room temperature, and have low power consumption.
  • Classiq tackles complex challenges in quantum computing development, bridging the gap between complex quantum logic. The company builds a new layer of the quantum software stack, increasing the level of abstraction and allowing developers to implement their ideas and concepts without the need to design the specific gate-level quantum circuit.
  • AccuBeat Ltd is a leading manufacturer of frequency and timing solutions for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and research applications. The company’s patented rubidium atomic clock and its OCXO technology with optional GPS disciplining provide frequency accuracy in the range of 10 to the -12th power, frequency stability in the range of 10 to the -13th power, and time accuracy in the range of nanoseconds. AccuBeat’s products are designed for commercial applications as well as for military use, including ommunication networks, cellular base stations, computer networks, calibration laboratories, test equipment, military communication systems, command and control systems, telemetry appliances, mobile radios, and more. Accubeat is a subsidiary of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.
  • Nitromia is a privacy solution that bridges and enables quantum-safe transactions on virtually any platform (on private or public networks) in order to provide complete privacy for any type of data. The Nitromia Dynamic Privacy Suite allows transactions and agreements to be recorded and managed quickly and accurately in a secure, reliable,

private, and legally compliant manner directly on the public blockchain. The algorithm essentially camouflages data in public and private databases and allows users to complete transactions on the blockchain that are fundamentally invisible to threats.

  • Random Quantum provides a random-number-as-a-service solution using quantum information processing as its underlying technology. This solution would be suitable for many industries such as casinos and gaming, surveys, cryptography, online messaging platforms, and financial institutions.

In case you wish to know more, please contact the Israeli Commercial Trade Mission in your region.