Israeli Experts headline Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement (Southlake, Texas; March 7-9)


The New Jihadist and ISIS Challenge

Training provided by Terrogence and Law Enforcement, hosted by Government Advisors.  Southlake Department of Public Safety. March 7-9.

This course will be taught by instructors from Israel who are experts on jihadist terrorism and ISIS. In light of the severe deterioration in the security environment around the globe, resulting from the revival of jihadist groups promoting new goals and modus operandi, LE-GOV and Terrogence offers a unique and comprehensive seminar which provides knowledge and tools for government agencies to identify AQ and ISIS activity, and mitigate potential threats.


  • Waleed Rikab:  Veteran of the IDF Intelligence Corps; 12 years’ experience in counter-terrorism monitoring and assessment. Led specialized departments in the IDF SIGINT Unit. Expertise in tracking and researching the evolution of jihadist organizations within political, sociological and technological frameworks. Mr. Rikab is the Head of the Strategic Research Department at Terrogence.

And a special lecture:

  • ISIS & DEVICES presented by Michael Cardash:   Mr. Cardash is Chief Superintendent (Ret.) at the Israel Police Bomb Disposal Division and a Terrogence Senior CIED analyst.

For more information, and to reserve your spot, contact Shani Naor of Terrogence.  

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