On the path to a more sustainable and seamlessly connected world, technology experts, entrepreneurs and local governments alike are seeking innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing issues facing urban areas – from congestion and pollution to waste management and recycling.

Smart cities, which utilize the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence, among other technologies, to tackle these and other municipal issues, are fast becoming a reality, making our cities greener, safer and more efficient.

Successfully reimagining and optimizing every aspect of a city’s operations requires a wide variety of tech solutions. This includes automated mobility solutions, construction technology and green applications, to name just a few – and these, the Startup Nation has in spades.

Here are just a handful of Israeli startups building a smarter future:

  • ZenCity Powered by AI, ZenCity collects and analyzes data from millions of interactions between city residents and their municipalities, through sources including social media and telephone hotlines. It then transforms this data into actionable insights which city managers can use to better meet the needs and expectations of their citizens. Founded in 2015, this startup is working with municipalities throughout Israel and the US to enhance the standard of living in their cities.
  • RoadSense https://www.roadsense.tech/  Enhancing smart cities, helping to save lives and improving planning. RoadSense is developing a solution designed to collect real-time data from roads, streets, and any other public domain, upload it to the cloud, analyze it using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and then present it to customers so that they can make data-based decisions. The company’s system creates a new layer of data and integrates with nearby CCTVs to provide a holistic solution. The same technology can also be installed on lighting poles to collect data from the street, enabling the creation of smart crosswalks. RoadSense’s crosswalk technology alerts vehicles when a pedestrian is crossing, and the crosswalk data can also be sent to municipalities for improved planning. RoadSense supports a variety of verticals and offers a powerful solution to help reduce accidents and increase public safety and well-being.
  • Telicomm https://www.telicomm.com/ Wireless Video Connectivity for Smart Cities – Telicomm enables the connectivity of thousands of smart city cameras over the cellular network. The company’s MuVis can connect up to four cameras in the same location to a single communication box, which then transmits the video to the control room over the cellular network rather than through a cable infrastructure.
  • Cityshob https://cityshob.com/ CityShob develops an urban platform for controlling and operating city assets efficiently, reliably, and safely. Its technology provides the public and private sectors with tools for smart management of operations and informed decision making. By gathering IoT data from a city’s assets and citizens, CityShob can provide advanced analytics and facilitate data collaboration with visualized information in order to predict, alert, and manage the city’s events intelligently and safely.

As the cities of the future begin to come to life today, Israeli innovation will be at their heart.