Supply chain

As the world hunkers down indoors due to the coronavirus, perhaps no industry has been more greatly affected than retail. While e-commerce was already thriving, the pandemic has only accelerated the trend towards online shopping. The retailers who benefit from the explosive growth of e-commerce will be those who leverage technology, both in their supply chains, on their websites, their marketing and even in their stores, as customers will now prioritize safety and efficiency in their brick and mortar shopping experiences.

One country that’s uniquely positioned to help retailers is Israel. And the Retail Innovation Israel, event on September 8th and 9th is the place to see the future of retail and e-commerce technology first hand. During this virtual event 20 Israeli companies representing the following verticals will be exhibiting and available for B2B meetings:

  • E-Commerce
  • Supply chain: Last mile * Warehouse
  • Data Analytics: Marketing * Predictive * Customer
  • In-Store

Below is the complete list of Israeli companies exhibiting, and here is the link for attendees to register for the event:

  1. Bringg – Provide SaaS solution that help enterprises improve their  “last mile” logistics performance and customer experience.
  2. ByondXR – Helping brands, wholesalers and retailers go through digital transformation to create end-to-end sales solution (virtual 3D shop).
  3. ciValue – Helping retailers and suppliers collaborate to grow customer wallet share, with Omni channel personalization and customer data monetization for grocery, drug, and specialty retail.
  4. Curve Tech – Using Machine Learning prediction technology to provide businesses with unbiased and accurate forecasts on different aspects of the business. Curve’s platform suggests actionable insights on how to improve sales, inventory management, and cash flow planning.
  5. Donde Search – Uses Computer Vision and AI to automatically extract visual attributes from product images and turn them into unique style-based data that improves merchandising, personalization, and search across e-commerce platforms.
  6. Explorium – Data science platform that enable to build models on the relevant data, which improve retailers decision making (i.e. finding the optimal customers for my product).
  7. IntraPosition – Using an accurate positioning technology, the company help retailers to optimize different aspects in managing their store and to create better and safer customer experience (i.e. keeping social distance in the store).
  8. MarketBeyond – Providing retailers and brands an AI based digital shelf intelligence that inform their merchandising decision-making processes while optimizing sales and driving a competitive assortment strategy to grow their online businesses.
  9. My Size – Developed a unique measurement tech based on patented algorithm & tech that are used in several measurement solutions, all created to help different industries maximize their work processes and increase customer loyalty and sales.
  10. Namogoo – Preventing customer journey hijacking and win back stolen revenue. The company’s deep learning platform ensures disruption-free customer journeys, enabling brands to instantly and consistently enhance e-commerce KPIs.
  11. AI – Foot traffic analytics platform that instantly generate insights into any physical property. The platform empowers retailers and helps them to maximize their offline activities such as customers understand performance.
  12. Preciate Ltd – Preciate Pay is a payment method which enables customers of physical shops to pay without the use of a wallet, card, or mobile phone. The payment is activated with a single glance (through a camera placed in the shop), making it the quickest,  most convenient, and, in times of COVID – 19 concerns, most sterile way for shoppers to pay for goods.
  13. Quicklizard – Dynamic pricing platform that synthesizes data from a variety of internal and external sources to help retailers calculate and enforce their pricing strategy across all products.
  14. Riskified – AI platform with an unparalleled ability to recognize legitimate shoppers from bad actors, with a full guarantee against fraudulent chargeback.
  15. Shekel Brainweigh Ltd – Provides autonomous retail solution based on a unique patented – Product Aware Shelves Tech (using IoT load sensors and AI). Their solution enables 24/7 availability of stores, smart vending machines and micro markets frictionless shopping experience and operational excellence (smart supply- management)
  16. io – All In One mobile commerce solution. One app for shopping, loyalty, coupons & content – both in-store and online.
  17. STORE-E- Automated data driven task management tool that mimics the work of retail managers.  The tool empowers the HQ just to set the right rules and manage an unlimited number of stores and employees remotely and automatically – reduce costs – save precious time and increase sales.
  18. Syte – Developed an product discovery platform based on visual AI. The platform enables brands and retailers to seamlessly connect shoppers with products that fits to their unique tastes.
  19. Tangiblee – An e-commerce product experience platform that delivers a cost-effective, interactive customer experience – at scale. The platform takes a retailers’ existing product content & transforms it into an engaging, personalized UX that unique to every customer.
  20. Trigo – Allows customers to walk in- walk out when grocery shopping, without waiting in line or exchange money with the cashier. The platform identifies customers’ shopping items with exceptional level of accuracy, creating an entirely seamless checkout process.