These unordinary times require unordinary solutions.

The Israeli Economic Missions, ARC Sheba, Amal & Beyond
(Nursing Homes Operator) and The Israeli Export Institute would like to
invite you to take part in a global webinar which showcases the best practices
Israel has in the field of Elderly Healthcare, including short presentations
of innovative Israeli companies showcasing applicable COVID-19 solutions.

Webinar will take place on April 7th|11:30 – 13:00 EDT and registration is here.


Mr. Inon Elroy, Minister for Economic Affairs, Israel Economic Mission to the East Coast, USA

Dr Gadi Segal, Head Internal Medicine T, SHEBA Medical Center

Dr Galia Barkai, Director, Telemed Program for Coronavirus, SHEBA Medical Center

Ms. Tovi Carmon, Head of Innovation Center at AMAL HOLDINGS

Participating Israeli companies:



My HomeDoc





Ministry of Economy and Industry
Foreign Trade Administration

Land of Creation
Participation is free and requires pre-registration