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Company at a Glance:

Hi Auto has developed a software-only deep learning system that uses a speaker-facing camera and a single microphone for more accurate speech recognition and clear speech enhancement. The system can eliminate the most challenging noise sources, including multiple speakers, radios, sirens, and heavy rain.

Hi Auto’s most recent launch is, a platform that turns any interactive touch kiosk into a touchless, voice-operated kiosk designed to work perfectly in noisy commercial environments.


Technology & Products:

Hi Auto, a conversational AI system that uses natural language processing and accurate voice recognition. We paved the way for restaurants to improve business operations by optimizing order taking, enabling them to capture orders accurately, increase upsells, shorten wait times, and reduce labor costs, making Hi Auto’s voice technology the employee of the month.



Food Tech / Voice Automation.


Sub – Categories:

FoodTech, Automation, Retail, AI, Voice Commerce.


Business objectives:

Hi.Auto is looking to expand to small to mid-size chains with less than 200 locations.


Contact Person:

  • Roy Baharav
  • Title: CEO & Co-Founder
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