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Coralogix helps companies manage their log data and provides them with automatic insights at the machine and component level. Its solution makes sense of millions of log file records by recording the logs and then distilling them into categories.

The Coralogix product stores raw data on Elasticsearch for visualizing and querying. It creates few alerts, with a low rate of false positives. The software is offered as a service and can be found on AWS and Azure, with pricing based on the amount of data sent to Coralogix by customers.

Unlike all legacy solutions, Coralogix uses proprietary technology to analyze data before it’s indexed or stored. This provides teams with more coverage for half the cost. Traditional data solutions index and store data before performing any analysis, making observability expensive, reactive, and hard to scale. Coralogix leverages Streama technology, a real-time analytics pipeline, to automatically prioritize the data and only store what matters to you. This enables teams to build, run, and secure their applications and infrastructures without any coverage, storage, or cost limitations. By analyzing the data before it’s indexed, every piece of data can provide value without contributing to additional storage costs. Coralogix builds on this technology to provide teams with insights that were never-before accessible.

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Loggregation; Anomoly Detection; Logs2Metrics Data Conversion; Data Prioritization & TCO Optimizer 


Enterprise, IT, Data Infrastructure

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Find new customers in US

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  • Full name: Sean Booth
  • Title: VP of Sales
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