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Granulate- Granulate is a real-time, autonomous computing optimization company that delivers reduced compute costs, faster response time, and better throughput, without any code changes required. Granulate’s patent-pending next-generation solution provides AI-driven, infrastructure and workload optimization for robust compute performance and cost improvements in any computing environment, empowering businesses of any size from any industry by bolstering their computing power while slashing computing costs. Companies that have implemented Granulate have reduced compute expenses by up to 60%, benefitting from a 40% response time reduction and 5X increase in throughput.

Technology & Products:

Granulate is the only company in the market today optimizing at the OS and Kernel level making its value proposition to customer quite unique:

Significant Cost Reduction – Average of 40%-60% cost reduction per customer workload / service for compute based services

Performance Optimization Without Code Changes – Granulate is the only solution in the market that can increase a workload performance without refactoring code or re-architecting the service.

Simple Deployment – Granulate can be installed in less than a minute using a single command line and customer can start from a single VM to understand the ROI and benefits.

Past Initiatives Agnostic- It’s doesn’t matter what best practices the customer follows or other cost-reduction solutions deployed, the fact that we are optimizing a new place across the stack allows to always achieve the 30%-60% cost reduction benefit.



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Find new customers in US

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  • Full name: Khadijih Linz
  • Title: Senior Account Executive, Global Markets
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