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Paygilant – Frictionless Digital Banking & Payments Fraud prevention


Company at a Glance:

Paygilant provides fraudless, frictionless & effortless mobile payments.

Paygilant is an anti-fraud and frictionless authentication visionary in the mobile payments space, that employs deep expertise, insight, and ingenuity to boost mobile payments applications revenue.

Unlike others in the field, which are spread across multiple channels, Paygilant specializes in tackling fraud threats and seamlessly authenticating customers – making its solution 100% designed around mobile platforms and behaviors. At its core, Paygilant offers a super-effective mobile payments authentication and fraud prevention solution, that is frictionless for the end-user and super-easy for companies to integrate too.

Based on the combination of multiple fraud indicators, Paygilant’s six-intelligence sets work in harmony to identify fraudulent behavior in milliseconds. With Paygilant, financial institutions, virtual banks, eCommerce, and eWallet providers can curb fraud while dramatically enhancing customer experience.


Technology & Products:

Dashboard– Device DNA, Userspace, Activity Map, Bio Markers, App insights, Transaction view.



[One of those: Fintech, Mobile, New media, Homeland security, Water technology, Cosmetics, Agrotech, Automotive, Food and drinks, It, Advanced manufacturing, Dental, Cleantech, Medical device]


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Find new investors, new customers in the US.


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