Pushing limits, challenging boundaries and getting the job done. We are Israelis.


We were born a million ideas ago, and ever since, we keep evolving,/ specializing in the Unheard-Of, seeking the Never-Done-Before, and intrigued by the Unthinkable.


A competitive nation of entrepreneurs,/ where everyone knows better/ and nobody cares to listen.

A place where brains and energy are ubiquitous and breakthroughs regularly shine.

We’re curious, independent, impatient, and, well, we have a reputation of being somewhat indelicate.  People who like to push the limits and challenge boundaries.  People who love shortcuts and hate each second.  People who are totally focused on Getting the Job Done.

From automotive to aerospace. From communication to pharma. We’re the pulse of everything that is regarded as truly new.

We’re what Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Mark Cuban, and Warren Buffet all have in common. A lucrative opportunity.  A worthwhile investment.  And apart from everything, we’re far from being modest.  After all, we are Israelis. 

For more information about investment opportunities in Israel, contact Josh at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC or visit InvestinIsrael.gov.il

Israel Trade & Economic Office