Series A Israeltech Demo Night with JFE in NYC


On the evening of March 9, the Israel Economic Mission teamed up with JFE to host six Israeli companies at a Series A demo night.  The public event took place at WorkBench, a VC and coworking space in New York, and was attended by over 100 people.  

The Israeli companies were:

  • Avanan: One-click security for your SaaS applications.
  • Contguard: Delivering real-time cargo control across the world.
  • DBS-H:  Releasing data access bottlenecks with continuous big data integration.
  • EZBZ: A local honest marketplace connecting customers with reputable businesses.
  • Moburst: Innovating in the world of mobile product optimization and marketing.
  • Semperis: Optimizing active directory uptime through insight.

The Israeli companies, with mostly enterprise solutions, pitched to five early-stage VCs active in the mobile, software and enterprise solution space.  The VCs were:

  1. Workbench
  2. Bessemer
  3. Lou Kerner (Flight VC)
  4. Fintech Collective
  5. Whitestar Capital

The event featured dinner and light refreshments, and the Israeli companies played to a packed house.

JFE stands for “Jews For Entrepreneurship,” an accelerator program out of San Francisco that is investing in Jewish founded companies.  Recently, they are working quite a bit and being more active and involved with Israeli companies and entrepreneurs.  
Contact Erik Blumberg for more information.   


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