Join us at the 2022 Shoptalk Conference March 28-29 in Las Vegas, NV, exhibit hall booth #10044!

Shoptalk is a convention comprised of leaders in retail tech, to discuss advancements in technology that make the process of shopping and consumer engagement easier for companies. This event provides a platform for companies of all sizes to present their accomplishments and show the public the future of the marketplace. You will have the chance to meet and hear from senior executives and professionals from major consumer goods companies around the world. Thousands of professionals attend every year from nearly 3000 different companies, and we are expecting similar numbers this year.

Eight Israeli consumer goods startups will be presenting in our pavilion:

Buywith – buywith is the most frictionless Livestream Shopping platform for retailers and brands, influencers, celebrities, and experts to host virtual shopping events with their followers on retailers’ and brands’ websites.
Cyb-Org – The Cyb-Org automated shops system combines both hardware and flawless holistic software for control and security of automated retail stores.
Dialogue – Ecommerce Personalization Platform to increase sales and drive conversion rates, through drag and drop solutions to improve web platforms.
Hexa – Hexa is the world’s first immersive OS, A comprehensive 3D tech stack to create, manage, display & analyze 3D projects.
ReturnGO – ReturnGO’s AI-driven return management platform improves the post-purchase experience and LTV.
Shopic – their mission is to digitalize the retail frontend and create personalized frictionless shopping experiences in brick-and-mortar stores.
Sizer – the most ACCURATE SaaS body measurement technology transforming the fashion and garment world with the greatest digital fit.
Weezmo – Weezmo is a marketing insights platform that provides full data visibility for brick-and-mortar retailers.

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