Join us on February 3rd for the Smart Cities in Motion virtual conference, where experts and tech companies’ delegates will share the ways life in urban cores is shifting in the near and far future!

In order to support technology implementation & digitalization, the event will provide municipalities, integrators, and partners with solutions to cope with the challenges, risks, and vulnerabilities by presenting Israeli traffic management, transportation and city management platforms.

This event is aimed at bringing together disruptive start-ups, industry leaders, experts, and a multinational audience to collaborate and discuss innovative technologies.

There will be discussions on:

  • How will smart mobility technologies change the way we move around and within the city?
  • What is the best way to plan a city to maximize the resident’s quality of life?
  • How Big Data can be used to make smart decisions on daily life in our cities?
  • And more!

The conference sessions will air live and B2B meetings will be conducted through the virtual platform.

Registration and meeting scheduling link: Smart Cities in Motion (