Israel’s Ministry of Tourism is looking examining the possibility of establishing a Convention, exhibition and performance center in the resort city of Eilat in the south of Israel on the Red Sea. The objective is to create additional attractions and help establish Eilat as an international business tourism city that hosts conferences and exhibitions.

As background, the city of Eilat is located about 350 km from the center of the country and is considered the most peripheral local authority in Israel. As the southern gate to the Negev desert, it’s location between Eilat’s mountains and the shores of the Red Sea, has placed tourism as the main economic industry in the city.  Currently, about 90% of tourism to Eilat is domestic while only about 10% of the tourists come from abroad. Israel would like to increase the number of foreign tourists and believes a convention center will help achieve this.

Construction and convention companies interested in this opportunity can read the RFI.