Terrogence Seminar in the TX area


Captain (ret.) Waleed Rikab is a former IDF intelligence officer with 12 years’ experience in counter-terrorism monitoring and assessment. Led specialized departments in the IDF SIGINT Unit. Expertise in tracking and researching the evolution of jihadist organizations within political, sociological and technological frameworks. Mr. Rikab is the Head of the Strategic Research Department at Terrogence.

The New Jihadist & ISIS Challenge – Seminar Overview

 In light of the severe deterioration in the security environment around the globe, resulting from the revival of jihadist groups promoting new goals and modus operandi, Terrogence offers a unique and comprehensive seminar that  provides knowledge and tools for government agencies and transnational corporations to identify AQ and ISIS activity, and mitigate potential threats.

The seminar aims at providing law enforcement and security personnel the tools to better understand, assess and counter the AQ and ISIS propaganda, agenda and modus operandi, with a special focus on the knowledge and methodology needed to detect or prevent jihadist activity.

The seminar examines the following topics:

–          AQ and ISIS  – current activities, objectives and affiliations

–          Mobilization and recruitment of jihadist sympathizers

–          The changing jihadist targeting priorities

–          The threat of lone wolf attacks – Detection and early action through social             media

–          Developments in Terrorism Funding

A special lecture titled ISIS & DEVICES presented by Michael Cardash.

Mr. Cardash is Chief Superintendent (Ret.) at the Israel Police Bomb Disposal Division and a Terrogence Senior CIED analyst.

ISIS & DEVICES – Lecture Overview

ISIS is the most prominent and fast expanding terror group in the Middle East, influencing operatives and inspiring many others around the world.

The ISIS group origins come from Iraq, but extended IED knowledge and experience was gained from participating in the Syrian conflict.

The presentation will review some of the more interesting IED trends that have been developed and are being utilized by ISIS, based on the different origins of the organization – Iraq and their Syrian experiences.

Topics included:

Origins – Syria and Iraq (Explosives and HMEs)

ISIS – IEDs (improvised, speed bumper IEDs…)

ISIS – IED Tactics (Victim Operated IEDs, thrown IEDs…)

ISIS – PBIEDs (unique small personal suicide belts)

Please contact us ASAP to reserve your seat and you are welcome to invite a guest.  Reservations should be made by February 15, 2016.

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