About The Israel Economic Mission to the South & Mid-West

The Israel Energy and Economic Mission – Houston, TX is private-sector minded, operating within the public sector, focusing on Energy, Life Sciences, Cyber Security, Water technology, HLS and Space technologies. We function across borders and boundaries to bring the United States and Israel closer together through mutually beneficial business.

Our aim is to establish synergistic relationships; bridging the gap between our two great nations. By utilizing our extensive network of key, business individuals and decision makers, we bring Israeli innovation to the forefront of US markets.

Our Goal:
Encouraging international Oil and Gas companies to become active in the Israeli Oil & Gas sector
Assisting the Israeli industry in deepening the activity the life science and cybersecurity sectors.
Accompanying and supporting the individual exporter in the marketing activity abroad
Raising strategic cooperation
Improving the image of the Israeli industry and economy
Maintaining the bi-lateral relationship between the Department of Energy and the Israeli government

Orna Avraham

Head of the Economic and Trade Mission to the South & Mid- West

Vanessa Scobie

Senior Director, Energy Trade and Partnerships

David Ephraim

Director of Energy and Business Development

Devin Reeves

Devin Reeves

Director, Economic Development & Innovation Partnerships

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