According to a 2020 World Bank report that surveyed 190 economies, getting a business up and running in Israel is easier than in 155 other countries, including Switzerland!

Even more impressive is the fact that Israel jumped 14 spots from its 49th ranking in the 2018-2019 report. These are the hard-won fruits of the Interior Ministry’s efforts to ease burdensome regulation.

Part of the reason #Israel successfully tackled burdensome regulation is due to a number of governmental inter-office committees, dealing with regulatory relief, and dedicated to reforming the ease of business environment in Israel. The purpose of these committees is to understand the pain points and difficulties and give solutions, remove barriers, and simplify processes.

Israel has captured several important dimensions of the regulatory environment, and made some major improvements to ease the overall processes. New business licensing was one of the main reforms that took place, and a committee was assigned, and dedicated to solve major pain points, and ease the overall process.

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