Uriel reports: Israeli technology at #MWC2016 and cyber at #RSA2016


Uriel Dukan, who is working on high-tech, mobile telecom and cyber technologies at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC, recently accompanies Israeli technology delegations to both Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and also to the RSA cyber security show in San Francisco.  He reports:

MWC in Barcelona is the biggest trade show in the world dealing with mobile technology and it is expanding to the vast world or iot. About 100,000 people attended the show..! The Iem together with the IEI put up an Israel Pavilion with 65 companies offering a wide range of solutions in all sectors covered by the trade show. Trade officers from around the globe managed to pre-schedule 2300 meetings between Israeli companies and foreign entities. On the spot even more business opportunities were created. Undoubtedly the Israel Pavilion was one of the busiest one attracting interest from all the players in Barcelona.


The RSA Conference in SF attracts each year about 65,000 people. The brightest minds are exhibiting their cyber security solutions to the world and the Iem together with the IEI helped 35 Israelis companies gain exposure and create hundreds of meetings with potential partners, clients or investors. Officials and representatives from the biggest companies in the world stopped by the Israel Pavilion and met with Israeli companies to discuss the best way to stay protected from cyber attacks. A day before the show, the 35 Israeli companies meeting potential business partners or investors at the W hotel in a more intimate settings.”


For more information about mobile/telecom technology ir cyber security solutions from Israel, contact Uriel from the Israel Economic Mission. 


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