Boasting a mere 22 thousand square kilometers, a population of 8.5 million inhabitants and an approximate GDP of $303 billion,
the country of Israel, merely 70 years young, is an economic innovation powerhouse well beyond its years.

Part of the OECD since 2010, Israel has one of the best education and life satisfaction indexes in the world and one of the
lowest rates of unemployment (5%).

The Israeli workforce is known for being as skilled and inventive, attracting many entrepreneurs to doing business in Israel.
The country’s need to overcome various challenges helps generate advanced technologies and opportunities in many sectors:
from nanotechnology and water treatment to computer security and medical equipment, Israel has the most advanced
procedures in the world.

Through targeted policies, the promotion of entrepreneurship and an approximate annual investment of 5% of GDP in R & D,
Israel has become a giant of innovation with over seven thousand start-ups- more startups per capita
than any other country in the world.

Israel has 12 Nobel prizes to its credit, eight of which were obtained only in the last decade.
First, the country invests 9.2% of GDP in education. Of every ten thousand Israelis, 140 are engineers,
compared to 85 in the United States and 65 in Japan.

A Track record of cutting-edge innovation
A Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit
An Exceptional Workforce
Scientific Excellence, Industrial knowhow
Global Technological Leadership

A Flexible, Creative Economy
Flourishing Venture Capital Market
A Resilient Economy, Secure for Investors
Cultural Richness and Diversity
Legislative and Financial Support


The Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry manages
and supports Israel’s international trade and trade policy.

Through its headquarters in Jerusalem together with over 40 economic and trade missions in
key financial centers throughout the world, the FTA works tirelessly to promote Israel’s economy on a global scale.

The FTA operates a network of economic and commercial attachés around the world, who constitute the
operational-diplomatic arm of the Ministry in overseas markets and provide a wide range of services to Israeli
companies and the international business community.

The main areas of activity of the Foreign Trade Administration include promoting trade and exports, initiating and
maintaining trade agreements with the aim of improving Israel’s trade conditions, encouraging and attracting
foreign investments, and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies.